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Saturday 14 January 2012

It's nothing, just me and ...IT

Assalammualaikum, so, It has been a long time since tha last time i visited my blog. if A blog is like A box im pretty sure it'll be full with spiders nest and dusk x)
anyway, this year, is the year that i wont be able to always smile and hyper as i always do, I'm not a smarty pant, I'm not a nerd(I am not saying anything bad bout nerds), I'm just.... ME. I'm afraid that i wont pass my PMR,Im afraid that i couldn't reach my target for PMR and I'm afraid if I'll disappointed my parents. Iam focusing on my learning this year but the past two years? i was being stupid. i didn't think about the needed of focusing on my learning. I can tell you guys that i didn't know almost everything that my teacher had teach the last two years, and now what could i do? NOTHING! i just wish i wasnt so stupid for being such an ass in form1 and 2 =/
I just hope anyone that read this could pray for me and wish me all the best for the most important exam of this year in my life.

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